Performance Pilates /
The Thinking Person's Exercise


Welcome to our website!

Performance Pilates is a private, boutique studio located in the heart of Wellington's CBD, at 150 Featherston St. It is an airy space with bright, natural lighting and a secluded and relaxed atmosphere. The studio runs one class at a time, with limited numbers, to maximise client attention and feedback, making your lessons personal and comfortable.

Long term benefits of Pilates include: 

  • improved muscles tone, length and strength
  • a stronger centre and lower back stability
  • greater flexibility, especially of the spine
  • improved body awareness and postural alignment
  • improved quality of movement and fine motor control


We listen to our clients and provide individual pilates workouts to suit their needs.  

Our goal is to maximize the physical health, independence, and  gains of our clients. 

Make 2015 the year you take a 

different approach to your body 

and fitness!