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    As a client of our studio we hope that you will gain much from this popular exercise technique.
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  • The Studio

    Performance Pilates is a private, boutique studio located in the heart of Wellington's CBD,
    at 150 Featherston St. It is an airy space with bright, natural lighting and a secluded
    and relaxed atmosphere. The studio only runs one class at a time,
    with limited numbers to maximise client attention and feedback,
    making your lessons personal and comfortable.

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    We are currently integrating an online booking system for clients. This will make it much easier to book and keep track of your classes. Watch this space!


Performance Pilates


Performance Pilates is a private, boutique studio located in the heart of Wellington’s CBD.  It is an airy space with bright, natural lighting and a secluded, relaxed atmosphere.

Ellena Conland leads a team of highly trained teachers who have many years experience behind them, to deliver specialised programmes for all clients.  We work with limited numbers in any one class to ensure maximum feedback and attention, making your lessons personalised and satisfying.

At Performance Pilates we have a unique approach to body movement and health. Your body was designed to move.  Performance Pilates is designed to ensure it moves correctly. Discover intelligent movement!

Choose from a range of classes and feel the benefits for yourself!

What is Involved?


Pilates uses specialised equipment such as the Reformer and Cadillac to help facilitate movement, as well as working without equipment on "mat" exercises.

When using the equipment, springs provide resistance and assistance, as well as working against gravity and body weight. It enables people to learn to use and feel their muscles, and to consciously connect with their own strength.

Safety is paramount, with exercises graded to suit individual requirements. Everyone has differing strengths and weaknesses, posture and movement abilities. As the client progresses, exercises move from a more foreign to familiar environment, from being more assisted to more resisted. There are over 500 different exercises, making many possible variations of movement. Generally resistance and reps are low, to allow more lengthened muscle development, much like that of ballet dancer.

Who benefits from Pilates?


Anyone, and for any reason!

Pilates is for:

  • ordinary people
  • athletes, sports players, dancers, musicians, desk workers,
  • anyone who wants to sustain long term fitness
  • anyone wanting to get fit to play sport, not vice versa!
  • post acute injury rehabilitation and management, especially back problems
  • helping correct muscle over development and postural problems
  • those with on going conditions, including overuse syndrome and asthma
  • pregnancy, both antenatal and postnatal
  • stressed people
  • anyone curious to know more about the working mechanisms of their muscles and bones
  • anyone who wants to be able to work and move with awareness and grace

The Theory of Pilates

The aim is to re-train the body out of old postural muscle holding habits, which create tension, poor posture and restrict efficient movement. Pilates leaves no muscle overworked, underworked or misused. This allows "perfect symmetry", or more balanced and efficient postural movement patterning.

Training the deep stabilising muscles first, the transversus abdominus, multifidus and pelvic floor muscles, gives a strong centre or "core" from which to move. Pilates continually lengthens the spine, and encourages space within the joints of the body. This works to counteract compression and wear and tear on the joints, caused over time by gravity, postural habits, muscle imbalance or injury. Also encouraging articulation of the spine, or even segmental control along the vertebrae, pilates helps prevent excessive stiffness or flexibility in any one area. While also looking at individual neck, head, shoulder, arm and leg alignment, pilates encourages movement integration of the body as a whole, aided by correct breathing patterns.  It targets muscles and areas that may have never been exercised before!

Pilates has been dubbed "The thinking person's exercise!"

Contact Us


Performance Pilates
Level 5, 150 Featherston Street, Wellington
Phone: 04-473 0404

If you would like information on any of our classes or courses, please contact us during business hours to speak with our receptionist or one of the teachers.

The History of Pilates

The pilates method of exercise was pioneered in the 1920s by German-born physical fitness enthusiast, Joseph Pilates. Over many years, and after becoming an expert in activities ranging from skiing and gymnastics to boxing and self-defense, he developed his own series of exercises. These combined physical fitness with breath control, mental acuity, strength and flexibility.